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Having been successful at psychological therapy --that is, having achieved full psychological development or what I call Level 1 development, which is to say, you have managed to climb upto and step onto the adult plane of human existence-- you are now filled to the brim with introspective data and are ready to get so much joy out of life that you are willing to risk it all upon your new found strengths and re-owned human capacities and can now (finally) achieve the goal you've been aiming for ever since you were 5 years old and Missouri Synod Lutheranism (or substitute your own idiosyncratic equivalent) --having started to take advantage of you when you were but three years old-- managed to successfully steer you away (albeit now, thank God real psychology, only temporarily) from your human (nature) track.

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By adult I mean one who is fully developed physically and mentally and now thinks in principles about the world and oneself.

By human I mean human nature as described by the Philosophy of Objectivism and the Psychhology of Biocentric Psychology.