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This is exaggeration I know.

But realistically I would say that between Objectivism and Biocentric Psychology my journey to the human plateau was reached at least 30 years ahead of the trajectory I was on.

Consequently, I now have to live 30 years longer in order to have the kind of life I would've had had I not mistakenly chosen religion as the road to happiness.

So during my 30's (a few decades back) when I went from being immortal-to-mortal, with tongue-in-cheek I told myself (and my young daughters who --at the time-- needed and liked the reassurance about the longevity prospects for their dad) that I'd live to be a hundred and fifty. At the time I thought this was an improvement over feeling I was immortal.

So now that I'm older and wiser (by a couple of decades) I say that everybody's goal should be to live AT MINIMUM 10 years longer than their oldest parent.

My father is dead. He died at age 82.

My mother lives and (as of this spring, 2002) is within striking distance of her ninety-second birthday.

Voila! If actuary life for me as male ends in 70's then since I'm going to live to be at least a hundred and two, I'd say I made the 30 year requirement.

Thanks Objectivism and Biocentric.*

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