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Objectivism would say one doesnít engage in any self depricating behavior and therefore one shouldnít engage in any self effacing behavior either because it is the prerequisite to self depricating behavior. And though this is more than likely true it doesnít matter to those of us who are not right now totally and completely self caring and self valuing but rather who are striving to so beówhich is to say, one cannot WILL self caring and self valuing into existence but rather one has to grow them in oneís own soul.

Growth is process, process is stepwise advancement to goal achievement.

The growth process here is: think about self and self problems and SOLVE them.

Donít JUST think about them but do both: think AND solve.

If you donít value yourself enough to solve your personal problems then go into psychological thereapy until you do.

If you donít care about yourself enough to worship ...


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