people can "help" the self in the name of:
being a better parent..........("i am my son's,daughter's mom,dad" one who utters this as a primary deserves to use the capital "I".)
being a better love partner....(mabybe some of you remember the "desire" to achieve a Reichian orgasm?)
being a better son, daughter...(we all probably could be)
being a better student.........(how many of our old teachers would not like this)
being a better employee........(surely this would benefit your employer and maybe you too)
being a better manager.........(same)
being a better citizen.........(outside of Russia, what does this mean?)
but the truth remains:

All of the above "reasons" are consequences, are effects not causes. They are all the consequence of the actualized desire to be a better self. It is true that if you want to improve society, you have to improve yourself first. But you can't improve yourself by improving society and you can't improve anything, society included if you do not know what "improvement" means. So, if you "truly" want to help the self, if you truly want to help you yourself, then this web site and all you can get out of it should be --if it already isn't-- it should be your self-help web site of choice.

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P.S. "Improvement" means being better tomorrow than you were yesterday at making yourself happy so that you can live today the happy life you have created for yourself so far.