The American way is more than one for all and all for one, it is one FOR justice, ALL for justice. And Justice is: right is rewarded, wrong is penalized. And (the) Truth is: right and wrong are as defined by Objectivism not religion. Right, that is the good, is that which is FOR life and wrong (that is the bad, the evil) is that which is AGAINST, on this earth while you actually live. Religion says that they too are for good and against evil and T.H.E.Y. are, but the problem is this: T.H.E.I.R. definition of good and evil trends towards reversal: that is, T.H.E.Y. "say": that which is FOR human life on this earth is bad and that which is AGAINST human life on this earth (see also Environmentalism) is the good.

T.H.E.Y. don't always say it explicitly, but you are a human being not a computer.

Human nature is FOR the (objective) good and AGAINST the (objective) evil (how else do you explain human survial, growth and development lasting for millions and millions of years).


And this is a really big But.

But if your definitions are fucked up (excuse my french), Justice will NOT reward you.

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