If this is too complicated to start with (and I do not mean this derisively) then start with anything in the Objectivist arsenal that is capable of hooking your interest. For example, read one of Ayn Rand's novels like We the Living or The Fountainhead or even her novella Anthem. Anthem is a fictional, romantic story of the "I" versus the "We". It is set in a totalatarian society and it has the same kind of feel about it as that created by George Orwell in his book, 1984. That both of these writers created that ominous, very scary totalitarian "tone" in our heads is merely an indication of what great masters they were and of what great Art their works are.

The reason I am acting here as if it is a foregone conclusion that the non-fiction works will be too difficult to understand for anyone who's academic training was in the Public School system is because the Objectivists (in the person of Dr. Harry Binswanger) are claiming that most of the people who were trained in America's Public School System are NOT capable of grasping Objectivisms principles --e.g. life is the ultimate value-- because they have an incorrect epistemology, especially an incorrect view of concepts. And the reason for this is becasue the Public School Systems philosophy of education is to produce Kantian look alikes (epistemologically speaking). Imanual Kant was a German philosopher who in essence said that the reason man (people) can't reason is because he has a reasoning capacity. If your gut reaction to this statement is even close to a "ya, I sorta see what that means" rather than "wow!, what bullshit" you probably went to one of America's many Public Schools.

If you too would like to be able to feel in your gut the second choice above as a first --not second, or third or heaven forbid, never-- choice, then read and study Objectivism.

If rather you would like to side with Objectivism's enemies and go off to the side of your life and say that this "Harry Binswanger" assertion is proof that the Objectivists are nothing more than another band of elitists, then...so be it. Such is your choice. My only advice here is take responsibility for your choice.

Well, not really my only advice.

My other advice is, if you want to see what a Kantian look-alike looks like (and how t.h.e.y. make 'em) then click here and read Chapter 10: The Comprachicos.


As I was saying, if the Objectivist epistemology is too tough to tackel at first (note: if you know what I mean here then, "tackel" this: meaning is more important than spelling), then read Anthem and ...let your interest propel you foreword (here, however, because spelling affects meaning it should be corrected, that is) read Anthem and...let your interest propel you forward.

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