I did not submit the foregoing "Commentary" piece for publication. Instead I submitted the following LTE.


Dear Editor St. Paul  "Pioneer Press":

The Honorable Jesse Ventura, Governor of Minnesota is wrong about religion.

Religion is not for weak minded people, it's for...moral cowards.

Sincerely yours,

Gary Deering
ex-moral coward

When it comes to religion there are three kinds of people in the world, not two as Jesse implies in his recent
Playboy interview. The three kinds are:

  1. victims
  2. victimizers
  3. moral cowards

Many people are brainwashed into religion at an extremely early age and are thereby, victims. I myself was a victim.

The professional "those" who did the brainwashing are the: "victimizers".

Those who know that there is no god and pretend otherwise are the moral cowards.

The end: respectfully submitted
October 9th, 1999
by ex-god believer
Gary Deering
City, State, zip
phone no.

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