Dear Editor The Minneapolis Star:       2/11/80
Where is Womens Lib?

I thought they were for equal rights?

Why don't we now hear them clamoring for an ERD (Equal Right to be Drafted) amendment? Is it because they are hypocrites, or is it merely an indication of how serious they really are?

They obtained the attention of reasonable men and women by using the concept "rights". They did tap into the human sense of justice (in some people) by saying, in effect: "Look. Women are people too".

To me their very noticeable silence on the "re-draft" issue means one of three things: either their real motives concerning human rights are not yet known, or they are hypocrites, or they are..."ruthless seekers of justice".

If I think about it, this last choice is the only one that makes sense... because, if you convert their silence into words, it could sound something like this: "If you guys value your freedom so little as to let political thugs take it from you, then don't expect us to help you. Especially, don't expect us to beg to have a young women's rights dragged through the mud like they are doing with yours. Take care of yourself buddy, we had to and we still are.".

Sincerely yours,

Gary D. Deering
2/ 11/ 80

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