possesses the actual individual's right to life and property. The starting point here for this new, actual individual is the inalienable right to its life and property. Its property at this starting point in time is simply the property of its own material body. Its inalienable right to its own life is the basis for all of its future rights and its own body as its property is the first stepping stone right away from its right-to-life home base of rights as it steps into its future as an actual growing and developing possessor of individual human rights.

If this new individual is fortunate enough to be born in the United States of America it has two giant benefactors protecting til death its newly acquired rights: the Constitution of that country's genius forebearers and people who think like me.

Those who think opposite of me and advocate that both the woman and the fetus possess rights are advocating a contradiction. And because contradictions do not exist, do not exist in the world, in the nature of things, in the universe at large, those who advocate contradictions are wrong.

Anti-abortion, therefore, is wrong.

Pro abortion, being no less complicated than the application of the concept of individual rights to human action is right because it does not violate anyones rights.

If you are an anti-abortionist and you want to know HOW TO maintain your position in the face of logic click here.