The Capitalist Party (or its equivalent if there ever is one) is for 100% Laissez-faire capitalism and its mission is to convince the United States of America to adopt it first and then let the rest of the world follow suit. If some other country does it first they will be a direct threat to the U.S.'s future. This threat will be on three main fronts: brain drain as the good intellectuals will be the first to head for maximum freedom, second will be loss of economic competitiveness as the more perfect the free market the more efficient the productive efforts, and thirdly there'ul be a severe lack of motivation in those remaining so that eventually chaos will reign.

The Capitalist Party's Principles are (should be) these:

  1. Separation of Economics and State to achieve a 100% Laissez-faire capitalist system (separation of church and state is good and so is this).
  2. 10% flat, Flat tax - tithing was good enough for the church so it should be good enough for the state (flat Flat means no exemptions, none, nada, zero). This could be starting point for a new tax system and future political aspirants could run on tickets of reducing it to 9% (since per Constitution II it can't exceed 10%...ever, just like now it can't exceed 100%...ever). And if they --the wanting-to-get-elected-politicians-- want to get into a competition with their running opponents like somekind of warfare at the gas pumps to reduce it even further, then so be it. It will be up to the people then to decide if such promised reductions are realistic and in their best, individual, long-term self-interest.
  3. If not a Flat tax type system, then perhaps a Consumption tax type is better. Up until now we have taxed production (almost to the point of making producers an endangered spicies) and now maybe we should try taxing consumption as a potentially fairer way and as a stepping stone to 100% voluntary taxation or to some yet unknown form of taxation to be discovered in the next item.
  4. One Top Priority Goal: Answer the question: What is the proper way for a free society to pay for obtaining and maintaining its political values?
  5. Property rights should be explicitly identified as the Individuals 2nd Primary right, that is as 2nd ONLY to the Individuals basic, inalienable "source of all rights" right-to-life.
  6. Individual rights require two things, a correct definition and a delimiter. The correct definition is, individual rights are ..."conditions of existence required by man --the rational animal-- for his proper survival".

    Individual Rights (Appendix: Man's Rights, by Ayn Rand) also are a moral sanction to individual actions in a group context. Essentially there are only two possibilities available to the individual-to-group relationship: freedom or totalitarianism.

    The group (as pointed out by Dr. Branden in a Q & A session in one of the early Objectivist writings, the group) in a FREE society pays homage to the idea that All human action is permissible except X,Y,Z actions. These are prohibited because they violate legitimate individual rights.

    In a TOTALITARIAN society the opposite prevails (continues Dr. Branden as I recall it since I canít find the exact Q & A). The group agrees and/or is ultimately forced by the dictator's group to accept the idea that All human action is prohibited, except A,B,C. These are permitted because the dictator's group says so and, to repeat, per the totalitarian mentality if something isn't explicitly permitted, then it is prohibited.*   

    Whereas for freedom worshipping people the principle is: if something isn't explicitly prohibited by the group then it is permitted as far as the group is concerned. And "permitted" in this context does not mean, condoned (it actually means: "NOT prohibited"). It means that the legalized used of retaliatory force --i.e. the government will not be used to prevent you from engaging in a particular action, even though a lot of people, even the majority of people, may hold that the particular action is not good for you. Democrats notwithstanding, government is not your parent. Nor is it your moral teacher. For example, stealing and murder are prohibited in a free society and speaking and writing against freedom are "permitted", i.e. freedom worshippers don't legally penalize those who hold erroneous ideas. That is, you can think it is ok to commit murder if your god tells you to and you won't be penalized for the thought but if you commit the act of murder, you will face --as you should-- the full extent of the laws punishment.

    The delimiter to a properly defined concept of individual rights, is: individual rights cannot contain --in any wave, shape or form-- the concept of..."the right to violate rights", because such is a contradiction and contradictions do not exist and do not work as nature amply demonstrates by not having any.

  7. Domestic policy is based on the principle that Selfishness is primary and Altruism is secondary and that politically everyones selfish interest is best served by a government that is committed to protecting legitimate individual rights, the most important of which is protecting me from you initiating force against me and vice versa.
  8. Foreign policy is based on the principle that the United States' selfish interests will never be sacraficed to her altruistic interests. To assume some people will never ever have "altruistic interests" is impractical, hence the need to deal with it exists and will not go away. The reason is that humans are born tabula rasa and developmentally it is too easy for the human capacity for compassion to be led astray by the purveyors of altruism. The altruism purveyors do not make their intentions explicit and so developing minds are suceptible to this and numerous other sidetracks that a volitional consciousness is vulnerable to. (For more on this see Yes. (Is BiO Spiritualism the answer?), Chapters 4 and 5 in general and Chapter 5, page 37, footnote 24 in particular for a very simple way to deal with this.)
  9. We accept the fact that the United States Constitution will probably have to be re-written but we would like to see at least a 50 year debate --a public/oral debate as well as private/written-- on the various arguments, before a Convention is convened. (it would be exciting if the timing were such that July 4, 2076 were the signing and accepting of the new Constitution, but this may be too long a time and can't be arbitraily mandated).
  10. 100% laissez-faire capitalism is the only moral polical system for mankind.
  11. Consequently:
  12. Privatize everything except that which is proper government function, because
  13. It ultimately is the only way to prevent the political class from rising to the top. Or bubbling to the top if you prefer metaphors. Bubbling to the top, that is, in the witch's brew as she stirs it to concoct a potion that will keep all men and women of productive age from removing the wool pulled over their eyes by those whose primary desire and motivation is, to rule. To rule those who think the witch's brew is harmless. When she throws in the tail of coat of a famous politician and chants:
    Precision of thot
    Nothing but rot.
    As those we rule
    Are easy to fool.
    Or for those of you who prefer live metaphors, maybe you want to wait and see how they and the 3rd party movement in this country does.

Afterall, the Reform party in Minnesota did score a significant victory (Jesse V. was elected gov) as I was drafting this piece.8

So...stop. Halt. Investigate the Reform Party to see what they have to offer and hopefully it will be more and better than the Libertarians. And if possible, use them as an outlet for your political frustrations for now.

If so, great. (If so, great what? Great if...they manage to make significant changes towards more freedom and more respect for individual rights, then great.)

If not, if they a one-shot deal and/or if they get absorbed into the Republican party ... then...maybe another Political Poem (see Politics Venn) and/or...

...then, back here and take up the charge for The Capitalists....

(ECONOMICS/The Capitalists OR BACK)