What is ego?

It is that within us that Thinks AND Feels AND Acts. (This per psychology's description.)

Introspectively, we all know that we think, that we feel (especially when someone "hurts" our feelings), and that we act.

Extrospectively, it is the observation that, since you are a human being like me, you too probably also have an ego.

Inexorably, it is the fact that my ego is for me. That is its job.

To be for me, completely, totally and unconditionally.

Conditionality is the responsibility of the Self.

As far as my ego is concerned: Gary Deering is the greatest thing since life itself.

I hope your ego "feels" the same way about you. (And I know it actually does, because like I said on some level that is its metaphysical job.)

If your self and your ego are not friends and are at war with each other and you desire it to be different, you posess the power to make it so. You have come to the right sight (pun intended)...use it to benefit your-self.

If, however, your self and your ego are friends and not at war with each other then you probably are pretty happy with your life and don't need my services.

But if you have read this far on my Web Site, what is it you are looking for?

As a general rule, ego's do not have time to waste on the non-beneficial.