Figure Your Self Out

You can figure yourself out. And believe it or not it is a lot of fun to do so.

You can, that is, as long as you retain at least 5% of your power of volition.

I know there are those who will argue that, by definition, anything less than 50% is inadequate to the task of self-help, that is to the task of the Self helping the Self.

But, I disagree and I think it could even be less than 5% but to be conservative I'm saying 5%. In fact this is ONE of the fantastic things about human consciousness: its power of volition --even though not an omnipotent power-- is an extreemly powerful power.

Granted, the extent to which you may desire to seek professional help is tied directly to the percent of volitional control you retain.

At any point between 5 and 100 percent you may choose to solicit professional help, but your need to do so is (geometrically) stronger as the percentage decreases.

A simple measure of how low your power of volition is or how low it could be is to look at one fact: if you are physically damaging yourself, your power of volition is below the threshhold of self-help: seek professional help today.

If you are physically initiating force against others you may or may not be too low on the volitional scale. This fact alone is not enough to tell.

If the latter is true of you, you may still want to solicit professional help because you only have two possibilities in front of you: either you are below the threshhold of volitional self-help OR you have allowed yourself to cross over from victim to victimizer and as a result are either already there or on your way to becoming...evil.

Make no mistake about it. Your culture can lie to you all it wants but lies do not have metaphysical power: you are responsibile for all your choices and actions. If you initiate force against others you are ...bad. If you commit murder --the ultimate bad-- you are evil.

In my non-omniscient capacity as a human being I do not know if evil can redeem itself.

But what I do know is that it is generally the case that the good can and usually does get better.

If I were religious I might say, good begets good.

But since I'm not religious, I have to say: that which is for life begets that which is for life. And that which is against life is evil.

The good is that which is for life.

Do you want the good life via the route of self-help and figuing your self out?

Yes            No