After that last statement, I'm not sure I can go on here.

That is, I'm not sure there is any MORE to say.

Other than to define FAITH...which we'ul do in a moment.

As an ex-god believer since the '80's and Objectivist sympathyzer since the '70's, I've been struggling to conclude (and have been unable to do so) that religion is evil. Is that last hypothesis about Faith the "reason" why?Ho4

Religion doesn't have a monopoly on faith.

Faith is validating knowledge in the absense of evidence.*

Religion does it, Communism does it, Environmentalism does it. I have done it --not just as a religionist but also when cramming for exams in college-- but I at least now know its harm and strive to not use it...ever.

One way I do this is to permit myself to say: I don't know.Ho3

There are others.


For now.

I am done here.

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