Psycho-epistemology is the science that deals with the actions of the volitional, conscious mind and its interactions with the automatic operations of the subconscious mind.

To me (and you) this means: How do I validate my knowledge? What is my personal, idiosyncratic thinking m.o. and how is it FOR me and how is it AGAINST me?

For me to tell you these things and to do so free of charge makes me neither angel nor devil but rather one who snuck into heaven and discovered some of the secrets there and am now bringing them back to you. (As your Venn --not Zen-- but Venn Master it is my job to do this.)

Tis true you eventually have to climb to heavenly heights on your own in order to reap heavens full benefits, but, so does everyone.

Me included.

We have two and only two broad choices in the question: How do I validate my knowledge?

Do I do it by reason and logic?


Do I do it by faith and emotion?

No other fundamental choice exists.

Do I pretend that other fundamental choices do exist? Like perhaps, no choice: that is, that I don't need knowledge.

Do I sometimes use reason and logic and sometimes use faith and emotion and tell myself that it is proper to do so?

Do I never use reason and logic but always faith and emotion?

If I do, whom do I blame for stealing my mind? God? Parents? Peers? Neighbors? Friends? Who? (or What? Gargoyles? Demonds? Monsters? Devils?)

If you already know about psycho-epistemology then of course you don't need any more motivation to climb to your highest heights. Your only questions are: am I climbing? and how high will I get?

Unfortunately for us we don't know how high we will get, but we do know how high we can get: all the way to the top. And we do know that we can't reach any height if we never start the climb. And, unfortunately for us ("us" as in our selves and our culture) the following hypothesis might be true: the heights reachable are not at first porportional to the degree of reason and logic present in ones thinking but to the fact that faith has to be totally absent before the climb can even be started.2

Notice that in Gary's world Perfection is possible. Perfection means 100%, but not the 100% always-right-impossibility that "they" demand but the TOTAL, COMPLETE, 100% ABSENSE of FAITH as a "tool" in the conclusion drawing process of mind.

We all need reason and logic and we all should use it ALL the time.

We never need faith and we should never use it.

Emotion is a different issue and is dealt with in other Venns.

Faith is the root of all evil on earth.