When you observe the following traits and characteristics in others it is and can be interesting, but not too much more. It's when you observe them in yourself that life takes on new meaning: I now have control over my life. If I can observe this 'n that in myself then I can know what it is and then since I have the power --the volitional power-- I can choose to deal with it and to do so with the goal of gaining evermore efficacy and control over my own life.

If it happens to be a real strength or positive attribute that I am observing in myself then I use the power, the volitional power to consciously own it so as to preserve and protect it for now and evermore. If it is a negative characteristic or weakness so much the better still: I now know what it is and I have the power, the volitional power to change it.

I strongly suggest you do not succumb to the temptation that many adherents to particular personality theorists do. And that is to use personality classifications as a means to making yourself feel better via a comparison to others standard. The important thing to do is to define a reality based ideal and then work to make you yourself match it, be it.

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