T i m e

Economics generally brings to mind the idea of Investing.

Traditional investing deals only with the investment of your money.

The investing of your money or more precisely the answering of the question: How should I invest my money? is a good pursuit.

But the question: How should I invest my time? is a more fundamental and more important question to answer.

Should I, for example, spend some time thinking about ..."how should I invest my money"...?

And, how much time should I spend?

If there was such a thing as an Investment Advisor on how to invest your time he or she would probably relate it to your money investment interms of Risk vs Return.

But this approach would be wrong. Return on money is more money, return on time is not more time but more...efficient time. Maybe return on money is wrong concept for money too? Maybe it should be more efficient money (if time is money...is money time? No. Money --Ayn Rand notwithstanding-- cannot buy more time...if it could Bill Gates could live to be 969 years old and though he has done alot I don't think even he can do this.)

So... some questions to answer are:

Who is going to buy YOUR stocks when you retire?


When is the next Stock Market Crash going to happen?

more...To Be Added