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Gary Deering, MACP
vCounseling and Psychhothereapy Services
For Individuals (aspiring and actual) seeking
alternative solutions to the problems of:
* depression (of the inadequate motivation type)
* low self esteem (of the pseudo self esteem type)
* anger and self control issues (as in volitional control)
* high in improper selfishness training (of the religious type)
* unhappinessĖsee Book: Yes. (Is BiO Spiritualism the answer?)
* relationship problems (of the ďi donít yet know how to say the IĒ type)
* anxiety problems (of the I canít differentiate between spiritual and psychological types)
Or in summary: of all TFA related problems (ThinkingFeelingActing problems) as same
sum to unhappiness rather than happiness. That is: Is (authentic) happiness possible? Yes.

call for appointment and rates; first appointment free. Later...reactivate original STI...maybe...maybe not...For Now: $FREE$
online thinking board only

to drugs (prescribed or otherwise), to religion (and all such mystic-collective-altruistic axis-of-evil systems), to behaviorism, to pseudo selfishness training, to secular humanism, to cognitive science/cognitive neuroscience (and all such anti-psychhology systems), to helplessness (and all such NV pseudo-psychology systems), to all in essence that view selfishness as a vice rather than the virtue that it is.

when your motivation falls below a threshold ... that is: is so low you canít motivate yourself to move it above the threshold ... that is: when yor answer to the question, Is it worth it? is: maybe not, then you need to take control now and not allow the answer to become, No. If your answer has already turned into a no, seek face-to-face professional help sooner rather than later. If it is still at the maybe not stage you can use my websites and websides to help yu yorself roll your inadequate motivation up the side of your next (line-of-sight) hill ... so to speak ... towards its top .... so to speak ... which is to say, AsIwasSaying ... {which is an aside 2 Clicks down the road ... so to speak}

anxiety is a teleŲmetric vector measuring both the degree and direction of the uncertainty of successful life...gdd 5/15/5*

as in un-doing (was happy once, no longer am) versus as in never done (Iíve been unhappy all my life)

51% or more ... see OwnerShip/SelfResponsibility X-formula in Chapter 1, Here:

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