BiO Spiritualism Counseling Services combining the principles
of Objectivism (The Art and Science of Becoming) and Biocentric psychology (The Art and Science of Being) into
a framework for achieving happiness in this life.

{ ...Yes's, theme of a voluntary totalitarianism threatening to take over the United States’ morally stagnating culture notwithstanding ... that is ... granting that your government (properly, de jure) says you have the right to pursue happiness, but (improperly, de facto) says you do not have the right to be happy (see Anti-Big Business/Big Producers laws—e.g., anti-monopoly laws, insider trading laws, tax laws—and see Anti-Little Business/Little Producers laws—e.g., indiscrimanate Licensing laws, tax laws, and Government Grants and handouts to your competitors) BiO Spiritualism says: Bullstuff! You also have the right, that is the need, that is, the right to BE HAPPY }

Gary Deering, BAE, MA Counseling Psychologya
BiO Spiritualism OnLine Counseling Center at:
(Formerly STI: the Selfishness Training Institute)
(happiness here means: noncontradictory joy)

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BiO Spiritualism:

         Accepting the Objectivism challenge to be happy in this life while you actually live and breath.

                                                                * Happiness in life is achievable.
                                                                * Like all things worthwhile it requires work.
                                                                * If you desire happiness but are afraid of it,
                                                                * use my eMail process of Reflect’ology (a four step process as explaned below) for a self help assist b
                                                                * If you desire happiness and are not afraid of it,
                                                                * but still want help, do the same (as follows):







$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ $$$ F R E E $$$ Advice $$$ $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

W ork issues? see a career counselor (and/or my teleömeter and/or my cychhology thinking-board and/or CBR this.)

A rt, lack of? visit galleries, musems, etc., notice what thrills you: pursue that. If nothing does, see my teleömeter and/or my cychhology thinking-board and/or CBR this.

S ex, lack of? see a psychotherapist if you’ve never experienced therapy before; you could be filled with repressed resentment (towards your partner and/or the world) and need to de-repress as first step to unblocking blocks to sexual enjoyment.

H uman relationship problems? welcome to the human racec

e xercise of our human capabilities/capacities/faculties in search of their ultimate (everything, remember, per BiO Spiritualism has an ultimate)

R ecreation, don’t have any? get some; go do what you enjoyed as a kid, e.g. playing real pin ball machines or playing video games etcetera: go to a video arcade on your lunch hour, or whenever such timing and wherever such location can be construed by you to be truly and exclusively: As you play, think: I have a right to exist for my own sake.d

s ome OIATBD ... OthersIfAnyToBeDetermined


a Notice: I have a Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology (College [University] of St. Thomas, St. Paul, MN, 1987) and—before you assume the worst let me hasten to add-- I am not a licensed psychologist. Since [true] psychology has more to do with philosophy than medicine, the State’s desire to license it is manifest in its desire to medicalize it (and control it and you in-the-process). Psychology is the science of consciousness, not the science of behavior. Behavior science, as answer to the question: How should I behave? for humans, is called ethics (Why do I behave [this way and that]? is a proper question for psychhology just as it is for psychology. Psych/hological issues pertaining to mental health (the unobstructed capacity for reality bound cognitive functioning) and mental illness(the sustained impairment of this capacity) involve the meeting or the not meeting of the needs of concsciousness. For the full disclosure of my views on these issues go to: http:// BiOspiritualismIsTheAnswer?) ... or ... which is to say, you’ve got the solution (Objectivism + Biocentric) so why the hell not use it? Why keep looking when the solution is right under your nose?

Sometimes people are extremely difficult to figure out.

But of course, at other times they are not.

b 1,000 or so word maximum per email. This PROCESS is a PsycHHological Engineering process I call, Reflect’ology. Essentially it is a process of you using me (for a fee) as your temporary, inner psychhological-spiritual (non-distorting) mirror.

c Why do you think any beings that are capable of reading and understanding this page would not be complicated things? Albeit, complicated means—we must re-mind ourselfs, as pertains to humans and their relationships--nothing more than a problem to be solved.

d Repeat it until you get it (and its inherent logic too, which is: therefore, so does everybody else).



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