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cents—that is, $100—to the first written argument that successfully refutes my Baby Billboard piece which
is a piece that demonstrates that the anti-abortion position is wrong and the pro-abortion position is right.

                Rules for the contest are these:

        1. Word length, 800 words or less
        2. Entries become the property of RaIse Books, LLC
        3. Entries have to be emailed to the following address no later than
          midnight December 31st, 2007 with the body of the email containing the text of your argument.
          (emails with attachments will not be accepted).

                Subject: BiOs CONTEST #1, RaIse Books, LLC

        4. Since I, Gary Deering, am [might be] paying out the hundred dollars and there
          is no entry fee—that is the Contest is $FREE$--I will judge whether an
          entry succeeds or not.

        5. If you are OK with the Rules and send in an entry be sure to Join Our Email List below as this will provide us with the pertinent information to keep you informed of the contest's results.

        6. If you don't want to send in an entry but want to be kept informed about the results (as well as get other FREE stuff and be kept informed about future Contests that you might want to enter) Join Our Email List below and we will keep you informed.  




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