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About Gary

I have a Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology from the College of St. Thomas, St. Paul, Minnesota, USA (now the University of St. Thomas), and I also have a Bachelor's degree in Aeronautical Engineering from MIT (Minnesota Institute of Technology), University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN, USA.

Having been reading and studying both since the 1970's, I believe I have a fairly good grasp and understanding of the Philosophy of Objectivism AND the Psychology of Biocentric Psychology. (Though I am spokesman for neither, my grasp of both is "good enough" to be a 3D-mirror for you, qua Objectivist/sympathizer and/or Biocentric psychology sympathizer, as you seek to optimize the spiritual benefits these two disciplines have to offer the selfish you.*)

St. Thomas was/is a traditional/mainstream school hence it taught more mainstream psychological thought. It did "allow" a lot of latitude in the kinds of writing that was required there for the Masters Degree. All my writing had an Objectivist-Biocentric view and I was NOT penalized for it. In fact, sometimes complimented. For example, one professor said (more than once...twice in fact) that he really looked forward to my papers: they were so interesting, no one had such a interesting slant on things, he said.

I spent a couple hundred hours in the Self-Esteem intensives of Dr. Nathaniel Branden as well as many hours with other psychological therapies and therapists. I gained some selfish benefits (specifically in the area of emotional release and de-repression work) by working with several Scream/hug therapists, a bio-energetic neo-Reichian therapist and two co-facilitator marriage counselors who called themselves "eclectic" facilitators. I also spent time myself as an assistant "facilitator" of couples in marriage counseling and of individuals in both regular weekly Group sessions and in walk-in day centers for individuals in need of Crisis counseling sessions.

But before this --that is, in 1968 and 1969-- I worked in my first professional career as an Aeronautical Test Engineer. Here I tested NASA and military satellites and their component parts for General Electric and the Apollo space program. (Though I am "of" the Apollo and Woodstock era, I am not and was not a fan of the "hippie"/Woodstock mentality of that late '60's era. That is, of the idea that love is a cause and not an effectHo5. I was and am a fan of "Apollo and Dionysus", the Ayn Rand article she wrote in that same time period about Apollo and Woodstock that argues that ambition --as exemplified by the Apollo Project-- is better than the sloth exemplified by Woodstock.)

After the historic moon landing in 1969, I got out of the Space business and spent the next 20 years instead as a computer hardware designer before I became a psychotherapist in private practice in the early 1990's.

After a couple of years as a psychotherapist and "licensed" un-licensed mental health practitioner I had a run in with the State of Minnesota over an issue of licensing --I wanted to stay un-licensed and call myself a psychologist and t.h.e.y. said "no way hoe-zay" and threatened to send me to jail, I said, screw that and-- left the business and became the money-man and the computer-consultant and (6 hours one-on-one tutor trained) accountant-consultant behind my second wife as we started a General Contractor/Residential home building business which did really really well at first and which almost (as in god-damn near) made me my first million but which in fact ended in bankruptcy 10 years later. (And I reject the internalized charge that says since I virtually memorized every single sentence in Ayn Rand's novel "Atlas Shrugged" that I was really using it as a life-script and since I loved Readon the best I was trying to be like him when he went bankrupt just before being truly free in a non-100%-laissez-faire-capitalistic world. ... like I said, I reject this claim for one simple reason: it ain't true. I went bankrupt for many reasons --three to be exact-- but this wasn't one of them.*)

So much for my money man(ness), making a lot of money (that is, becoming rich) turned out to be much more difficult than I had (originally) thought.

Anyway, now I am back in the one-on-one personal growth consulting business and looking forward to working with you as you attempt to achieve and perhaps even exceed the degree of happiness I have achieved so far in my life ... here on this earth ... while I actually live and exist.

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If you think my last statement is arrogant, then maybe --not for sure absolute, but just maybe, possibly-- your first spiritual challenge is to challenge your maybe(?) premise (that you might, maybe, possibly, perhaps could be holding subconsciously) that reads like this:

Humility is a virtue
What if it isn't?