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Gary Deering, 2000-2006

Dear Reader:

(Is BiO Spiritualism the answer?)
BiO Spiritualism: Body, Mind and Spirit -- Man's means, Nature's end

is the first book to:


My name is Gary Deering. I have a Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology and I have experience working with individuals and groups in psychotherapy settings. As such I know how people think when one-on-one and how these same people think in groups.

Group think is scary.

I also am a retired professional Engineer with a quarter of a century's worth of experience in designing and building mechanical Engineering systems. Consequently, I know how "Engineers" think.

They think they can do anything, including the impossible. In fact the more impossible it is, the more challenged they are to do it.

Consequently, my education, training and life experiences in the Social and Engineering Sciences afford me an excellent base from which to evaluate and judge the motives and goals of today's Social Engineers and to "paint-a-picture" for my readers that shows where these same Social Engineers plan to take them now and into the future.

And let me tell you up front: it's not a pretty sight.

More and more nowadays --especially via talk radio-- we hear a great deal of concerns and complaints about "social engineering" but when we try to put our finger on  e.x.a.c.t.l.y  what it is we are referring to, we usually come up short.

My book on BiO Spiritualism will help you to come up "long" in two ways: first, it will help you to focus first and foremost on being FOR you and secondly, albeit not unimportantly, on being AGAINST "social engineers" by not helping them to pull the wool over your very own eyes.

Social Engineers are real. They exist even though not all of them know it themselves. Some do know it and they are --relatively speaking-- the easy ones to deal with. The ones who pretend they don't exist are the ones you have to watch out for.

And suprisingly --if you have the correct mind set-- these too are "easy" to WATCH OUT FOR.

What isn't easy is to keep them from meddeling in and messing with our personal life by forever trying to control us for their own purposes.

But in the end even this is relatively easy in that we have control over it because it is an issue --in a politically free society-- that is as much ABOUT US as it is ABOUT  T.H.E.M.  BiO Spiritualism: Body, Mind and Spirit - Man's Means, Nature's End as subtext to saying Yes to Objectivism AND Biocentric Psychology will reveal to you the secrets about who Social Engineers really are and in-the-process show you how to turn the tables on ALL Social Engineers and take back total and complete control over your own life and happiness.

If that is, psychologically, you haven't already succuumbed to T.H.E.I.R. mind controlling ways. But even here there is hope, a hope whose intensity exists in inverse proportion to the extent to which you (may) have sold your own soul to your controllers.

For those of you who are familiar with Objectivism (the formal philosophy of the late, great, genius: Ayn Rand) BiO Spiritualism might at first glance seem to be simply saying: read and study Objectivism and then do it again, and again ... and perhaps again and that's all you have to do to take care of yourself. For a select few this might be true, but for those of us who were born and raised inside a serious religious model of the world, it is not this easy, it takes more, a lot more..

It takes so much in fact that only the strong survive and only the heroic achieve it.

It takes more than just memorizing Objectivist tennets. In fact, knowing Objectivism in this way could be just another psychological factor you have to break free of.

And I am sad to say, but it has to be said, Objectivism, qua formal Philosophy, does not care about you, qua you. It of course does in the philosophical-abstract sense but in the practical day-to-day sense Objectivism cares about Objectivism: it is after all, the selfishness philosophy and as such should care more about "itself" then about you, qua you. (If you think I am wrong here because Ayn Rand said somewhere that Objectivism is not an "itself" you will have to explain to me why did she also say somewhere else that Objectivism is its own protector? If you can't explain away this contradiction and are interested in a handfull of other errors of Objectivism see Yes's Chapter 20: Does Objectivism need Biocentric Psychology?/Is vice versa a tautology?)

For this kind of caring you have to turn to ... but wait ... we get ahead of ourselves.

For one example on how Objectivism, "come-hell-or-high-water" is pro-Objectivism consider the fact that there are a lot of Objectivist sympathizers today who are anti-the-Biocentric Psychology of the early Objectivist and now neo-Objectivist, Dr. Nathaniel Branden. The sympathizers are this way because the Professional Objectivists of today are against Dr. Branden. The Professionals are against him not on intellectual grounds but on personal grounds: they don't like the fact that in his younger days while romantically involved with their heroine Ayn Rand he dumped her for a younger woman. Not that Dr. Branden is not vulnerable on intellectual grounds, just that these are not the reasons he is so vigorously ignored in today's Professional Objectivism.*  

The fact that professional Objectivism spurns Biocentric Psychology and instead embraces Cognitive Psychology --Behaviorism`s bastard son-- is ... unfortunate ... for Objectivism. If anyone besides me is wondering why Objectivism is 'soooooh... slo-oh  in convincing more people to take up its obviously superior approaches to everything philosophical I say look no further than this.

Religion does not have a monopoly on hypocrisy.

Objectivism --as Chapter 20 in BiO Spiritualism so aptly demonstrates-- needs Biocentric Psychology and as an "organic" system, Objectivism will not be able to escape the negative consequences that come from: need denial.

And what might these consequences be?

You will have to read Yes/BiO Spiritualism to find out.

But least I be misunderstood here by those who prefer confusion to clarity let me say, philosophically, I am sympathetic to I love Objectivism. Psychologically, I am sympathetic to Biocentric Psychology and as an experienced engineering-scientist trained and educated in the ways of rational-empiricism I am a person who values knowledge so much so that he knows how to make the abstract concrete.

And making the abstract concrete --I predict-- is one ability you will lust after, after you read BiO Spiritualism.

You can and should use such lust as your motivator to get the intellectual skills you are quite capable of getting and will want to get after reading BiO Spiritualism. Skills you need, to do battle with the social engineers and without which T.H.E.Y. will be successful at their self-assigned task of controlling you as-their-means-of-survival. Make no mistake about it, T.H.E.I.R. survival depends on you, yours does not depend on T.H.E.M.

As partial demonstration of my ability in this area of making the abstract concrete I ask you to consider the following fictitious narrative by accepting for the moment that its wide-eyed view is true, but of course just "kinda" true and only for the moment true.

If you find it helpful, imagine the following narration is being delivered to you via your TV or Computer screen with the audio being that of the voice of your favorite news reporter.

The news reporter stands holding a microphone and we barely notice the ten foot high wire-mesh fence between him (or her) and some Quonset style structures off in the distance: structures that look like temporary hospital facilities out of some war movie. The grouped structures, busied with drab green jeeps and trucks, suggests a Government run military operation. In fact it looks like a remote Medical research facility in the early stages of being dismantled, or assembled, we can't tell which for sure.

Your reporter turns to face the camera and with cautious clarity begins speaking into the microphone.

"The bureaucratic arms of the United States government --having been duly trained in the art of psycho-surgery-- will soon be stitching up the operation it started last century on the skulls of its own citizens. When no one is looking these new 21st Century bureaucrats turned cognitive psycho-surgeons plan to install in their victims mind-set a new, special, upside down V-chip that some are calling the Anti-Volition A-chip. The victims of this insertion will be told that this new A-chip will prevent them from 'catching' mental illness and that they should just ignore the buzzing sounds it makes in their heads --a small price to pay for guaranteed health, they will be told. But what they won't be told is that this new device is really a device designed and built by Social Engineers to specifications provided to them by the bureaucratic mind. What they won't be told is that this new device is the long sought after device of people control that the bureaucratic mind has been searching for ever since Plato walked on the planet. The reason it took so long to develop can readily be understood", says our reporter as the camera zooms in on his right hand where he displays in his palm a small white disk of approximately the same size and shape as the unleavened bread used in Christian Communion ceremonies, except this one is thinner and laminated, "when we look at its paper thin, three-layered bionic wafer design and realize it took some pretty good chemistry, nuclear physics and biomolecular engineering science to design and produce it. Consequently, we may well hope and pray now that the cognitive and social sciences have not managed to keep up with the brain-surgeon physiologists so that the social engineering minded among them will not be able to install the new devices in such a way that they will go undetected and not be rejected by the host bodies. Or can they? Will they? Should they?", the reporter pauses to catch his breath and then holds it as if to wait for you to answer.

"If enough of us still hope the answers are no, no, no", the reporter continues, "then the road is not without danger for the bureaucratic mind and its hired group of social engineers. There still remains one danger then, one enemy to stand in their way--", the reporter pauses, looks side-to-side as if expecting trouble. Then glancing back through the fence and seeing some of those distant drab green jeeps heading towards him, speaks faster, "--their archenemy: autonomous man. It is my claim that the bureaucratic mind of the 21st Century is not afraid. In fact it is less afraid now than it has been at any time in its developmental history. If anyone should be afraid it is autonomous man who should be afraid. Autonomous man today is in grave danger. If he hopes to survive the transplant operations and anti-rejection drugs being forced upon him by his would be controllers, he is going to have to learn how to swallow some big pills --anecdotal pills that will save his spiritual life. One such life saving pill is BiO Spiritualism. In fact, BiO Spiritualism might be the only pill remaining that will work. That will, that is --when taken internally-- work to heal any and all sutured teeth marks stitched over in our collective, cultural necks by the bureaucratic surgeons who live off our blood, sweat and taxes (the surplus ones) and who hope we never, ever discover the whereabouts of the stakes and hammers, let alone the knowledge of where the bureaucratic mind lays."

Or should that be, lies?, we can now ask ourselves as we take back the scene from our reporter.

If the foregoing narrative sounds like so much dismissive fantasy fiction, consider the following non-fiction upon which it is based and which cannot be dismissed.




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