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"Cychhology" is advice for those who have gone BEYOND therapy. That is, it is online advice for good people who have gone beyond psychological therapy and now find themselves in that transitional zone between therapy and spirituality. As such, Cychhology—qua online advice--is online spiritual advice and it is only for people who have already spent some significant amount of time in psychological therapy and having used it successfully to become fully (or almost fully) developed human beings, are now done with it.*

In the form of spiritual advice from me it is what I call BiO Spiritualism and for which I have written about and about which you can and should read about in my books and articles (see link below). This BiO Spiritual advice is "my view of you and your transitional problem(s) as you grant me permission--inside your own mind--to express it" to you relative to your CHOICE to read AND THINK ABOUT what I’ve written throughout my websites AND THEN your choice TO APPLY your thoughts to you, yorself and yu.

Or not.

As the case may be.

But if not, then not and let me say goodbye before we say hello.

But if, Yes you are intrigued then by all means continue onward (and upward).

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Since spiritual has to do with the relationship between human volition and human happiness and psychology has to do with the relationship between mental health and mental illness, for our purposes here we can differentiate between the spiritual and the psychological by saying that the spiritual presupposes mental health, whereas psychology does not.

So if you have mental illness issues this webside is not for you (yet).

(If you have allowed others to label your choice to surrender your power of volition to your significant others as mental illness and you desire to challenge t.h.e.m and you, then you can and should use this webside as a source of strength to so challenge.)

But to repeat, if you have significant mental illness issues this webside is not for you.*

This webside then is intended only to be a sounding thinking-board device for those who want and only need a sounding thinking-board in order to help themeselves straighten out day-to-day spiritual problems that they encounter as they seek to grow BEYOND that which they were able to obtain through their personal therapy experiences.*   

For example, some people use me as a sounding thinking-board to help them conceptualize/integrate their own on-going personal, self-help, spiritual-growth experiences while others simply use the webside as a means to remind themselves to think. To think about their spiritual concerns and issues with a more involved and higher sense of awareness of self and their self-involment and self-role in their spiritual problems and solutions.

As to psychological therapy, not everyone needs it but everyone (potentially) can benefit from it.

I did.

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I spent my life from November 24th, 1975 to August 30th, 1986 in psychological therapy. By psychological therapy I mean primarily --but not exclusively, but primarily as in more than 51% of it in-- the self-esteem therapy of Dr. Nathaniel Branden of Biocentric psychology fame. His therapy gave me, or rather I should say, helped me to obtain two invaluable things: authentic self-esteem and practical knowledge on HOW TO BE a human being. Everytime I enjoy a particular part of some movie or book in a way I know I was not capable of enjoying before my therapy experiences I give a silent nod of thanks within to Dr. Branden. Thanks doc, maybe I would have eventually gotten to the human plateau on my own but according to my calculations you saved me at least a hundred years.*

In this spirit then I offer this $FREE$ webside for those who agree with me that self-improvement is good if and only if it is really "improvement". And more, it is for those who agree that improvement in this (self) arena is good if and only if it means: you being better tomorrow than you were yesterday at making yourself happy so that you can live today the happy life you have created for yourself so far.

Some may elect to call this kind of improvement, Objectivism selfishness, but I do not. I call it selfishness.

So, I offer this webside to those who need and desire "sounding-board" help to help them set and achieve their ultimate self-improvement goal: that is, to help them in their happiness quest, here on this planet (or there on yours), while you actually live.

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Since successful spiritualism presupposes successful psychology and since I was successful with psychology --having used it successfully to un-obstruct my own blocked consciousness-- I know a great deal about real psychology, and because of it I am a good source for your thinking-board material.

"Cychhology" in this sense then can also be thought of as me being your temporary psychological-spiritual mirror reflecting your inner struggles as you climb to the top of your mountain. Doing this effectively requires among other things that you know me better than superficially. You get to know me by perusing my websites and their websides and reading my books and articles and though I don't get to know you, you get to know you through your personal, idiosyncratic version of written-out-in-complete-sentences thoughts [or substitute your own way for making your thoughts be COMPLETE] about you that you --voluntarily, volitionally-- give to you, yorself and yu. The quality of the reflection then depends on three things: me, you and the precision of our concepts.

No mind is any better than the precision of its concepts.

Because I know a great deal about real psychology, I am a good cychhologist --i.e. Online (Cy-berspace) psychological mirror and giver of spiritual advice to those who have gotten all they can out of contemporary and/or mainstream psychology and psychotherapy (and/or psychhology & psychhotherapy for those who have read Yes) but may still want more and might be experiencing their therapists as being inadequate to the task of providing it.

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But before you ENTER Gary's Venns be(a)ware: I'm sure you've heard of Tough Love, well I think TL is good but I think that Tough Self Respect is better. Since the lions share of the quest for and achievement of (real) Happiness is epistemological you need to be mentally tough. Happiness is a state of non-contradictory joy but neither joy nor non-contradictory reasoning are obtained for free. They both require thought and effort and a heck of a lot of it.

So, remember: "Cychhology is for people, not rats", CLICK away...have fun, and be happy.

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