Gary's Venns. Not Zen, but Venn.

Venn and the Art of Person Maintenance.

Your self-help Web Site of choice, if helping the self is truly what you intend to do.*

There are two modern day intellectual technologies that already exist for us and are there for us to make our own and use to map our way to the promised land...of happiness...on this earth...while we actually live. If you agree, this site will help you to spirally accelerate to your top and then to your peak. And if you disagree, this site will help you to spirally de-accelerate to your bottom ...and then to your top (i.e. it will help you help yourself in the pursuit of your own life and happiness).

The two modern day intellectual technologies are: Objectivism (the Rational-Selfishness-Philosophy of Ayn Rand) and Biocentric Psychology (the Authentic-Self-Esteem-Psychology of Dr. Nathaniel Branden).

The road to the promised land is not hidden in some obscure text in some ancient tomb or burried in some distant primordial swamp. It is rather a modern day gridwork of mental-psychological pathways of a trillion dots connected by you for the express purpose of achieving one goal: your own personal, selfish happiness.

By using Objectivism AND Biocentric Psychology together Gary's Venns shows you how to connect the dots.

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