...should be able to figure these things out e-a-s-i-l-y.

Hence spend the better part of your hobby time over 10 years developing a commercial grade computer program for handicapping thoroughbreds that has to compete with ones they will be giving away for free at Brisnet.com ...still... mine ended up...

...being so much fun to use that now you absolutely can't even go to the track without it....

Even if --in the long run-- you (that is, I) tend at best to break-even: having some really fun days with big exotic payouts and other not so fun days when you (i.e. I) can't buy a winner, but... perhaps... maybe... maybe you can do better...

You have to remember that Money Management is individualistic and who knows maybe there is somebody "out-there" who can do better than me...who could maybe actualize my M4 Money Management scheme and make enough money to retire early and spend all his (or her) time just wondering about TTDWWFTWTC.

The name of my handicapping computer program is LOGICAL CHOICE. The name itself is "logical" given my context: after considering all the factors that go into contributing to the length of time it takes a horse to run a race of the type about to be run then simply calculate this time for all entries in the race and print them out in order of least time to most time and, Voila! the one on top is the LOGICAL CHOICE... to win the race. (As is the second one down the one to place, third to show, fourth down to come in fourth and so on and so forth down to the bottom pick as the horse predicted to finish last.)

Sounds easy, I know, but...the game is a little bit more difficult than this.

Still...if you are interested in seeing how my program works you can DOWNLOAD it's $FREE$ (zipped) Demo now, Un-zip it, read the README file and look it over. If it looks interesting to you go here to order more.

Some of the things you can order there are:

A. Full functioning Logical Choice 1.53                            RaIseBooks.com
    Program without the Manual, but with
    FREE sample Greeks (a $5 value)
    for CBY (Canterbury Downs/Park, MN)
    (Program Loads with LC command
    in DOS or through the DOS Shell
    in Windows ANYVERSION)

B. Manual for Logical Choice                                            RaIseBooks.com
    (provides more General
    Information about Logical
    Choice than that in LC's
    on-screen help files)

C. M4 Money Management System                                   RaIseBooks.com
    (Spreadsheet and Data Base Design for:
    Microsoft EXCEL & ACCESS)
    VisualBasic.Net fully functioning Windows program
    (NOTE: This money management approach does not require the LOGICAL CHOICE program,
but can be used with any handicapping approach that utilizes one or two picks to win the race). This M4 Scheme is a super-sophisticated variation on the Due Method. For more information (including negative comments about the impossibility of success) about the due method see T. Ainslie's book:COMPLETE GUIDE TO THOROUGHBRED RACING

The Due Method is the very unsophisticated method of increasing your bet after every loss until you hit and win the amount you had predetermined you are "due". My M4 method is an attempt to "sophisticate" the Due Method by applying it only to the races you win. (This obviously requires omniscience...something that is not possible for us humans.{is this an absolute?..oh well, not to digress...} That is, it requires a handicapping system that is correct 100% of the time--an impossible achievment--but what if you can develope a handicapping system that can predict certain kinds of races with a 40% accuracy? can you then design a money management system that will allow you to survive the 6 losses out of ten bets (including if those 6 losses are 6 in a row) so that you can be around for the second "hit" in the next sequence? and so on and so forth for as many sequences as you can find, out of the 100's of races run (and simulcast) nearly every day of the week?)

My M4 is not part of the LOGICAL CHOICE program but a Money Management scheme developed for it. The scheme is really a lot of fun to do --for some-- but I can't tell if it requires a really high degree of authentic self-esteem (you I feel like such a fool when I loose my $100 pool of money that I am trying to make 50 to 100% per day on) or a really low degree (re-read the last parenthetical thought again).

If the approach actually worked you'd own all the tracks in the country before the year was up! But like I said, it is fun (and it does test the degree of Social Metaphysics in your own soul as you struggle to break even on the days it doesn't work and "hear" all those internal voices telling you what a fool you've been)...so it is fun and who knows...maybe you are the one who can actualize a return on your starting pool of $X (say $100) of 50% (or more, say $50 to $75) per n for 10 (or more) n's, where n = day. And then repeat this performance as many times as you can throughout the year. Note the simple interest formula: (1+i)n for i = 0.5 and n = 10 increases your starting pool more than 50 times (to more than $5000 in 10 days) if you are successful and if you can do it twice (i.e. for two sets of 10 days for an n of 20 days) it increases your starting pool more than 3,000 times (to more than $30,000 in 20 days). But, like I said, I haven't been able to do it 1 --though I've had fun trying-- but maybe you can do it --or have fun trying too.)

And by the way it also tests the degree of how well you can handle excitement on those days it works: if you don't believe me ask my (now adult, then teenage) daughter--I taught her how to do the math on my worksheet and made her go to the track one (summer) Friday afternoon to test it. I had to work but would be out later in the day and the races that came up as really "good" races started at 1 o'clock. Out of a half dozen or so tracks being simulcast at Canterbury Downs this particular Friday there were 14 LOGICAL CHOICE races to bet and I gave her a $1,000 dollars and told her when she doubled it she could come home (actually it was a hundred bucks but for dramatization purposes and to communicate the actual excitement that took place that day I'm using my poetic license here to make it a thousand dollars). We had done this exercise on paper several times before so she knew what she was up against. But the thing I couldn't predict was that she almost had a heart attack from the fact that the thing worked too well. She won 4 races in a row and was up to $1,750 and so much excitement that she couldn't take it. She caller her mother and talked a million miles an hour and wasn't quite sure what to do. Should she quit or keep going? She had won 4 races in a row and this sucker was some system that if she kept on winning who knows maybe she could double the $1,750 to three or four thousand dollars in one day!!! but what if she started loosing, then she would feel terrible that she had let me down or she just didn't know what she was suppose to do and besides it was a lot of fun out here at the track and still its kinda maddening to have all this pressure to produce these results and what will I do if I loose a race should I keep going or risk it all or.....

All and all it was a maddening experience. My daughter's name is Megan and the M4 is M-M-M-M which stands for Megan's Money Management Madness and when it works only the strong survive.


In addition to the foregoing other things that can be Added to the shopping cart are one or more Greek Data Bases for the following tracks:
(each data base consists of LC results for 200 or more Dirt races, except Dmr which only has 197 at this point)



ABOVE is Logical Choice's White Sheet = Screen Output of Race Outcome Predictions (output to printer only works in MS DOS mode ... again, reprogramming for Full Functioning Windows programs is in the works ...

To ORDER Logical Choice Material Go HERE           For More Logical Choice Go here and choose LC quadrant


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